SharePoint Jokes

Since it hasn't been done yet, I thought I would create some funny jokes around SharePoint…enjoy:

What did one sharepoint site say to another sharepoint site? 
    Hey, aren't we called webs?

What did the end user say to the developer?
    Oh, I didn't create that column, I was smart, I just renamed the "title" column!

What did one sharepoint web developer say to the developer?
    Why me?

What did the production portal say to the author portal?
    I'm sorry, I can't seem to find your object!

What did the parent content type say to the child content type?
    I won't give you my jeans, but I'll buy you another pair just like them and we can share!

How many people does it take to create a web part?
    two, one to write the code, another to figure out the permissions problem in production!

How many times does it take to create a Shared Service Provider?
    3, one time to screw it up without knowing it, twice to do it because sharepoint won't do right the second time and
the third after you have blown away everything and started over!

What did the server admin say to the sharepoint web developer?
    Why can't we just do this with static html?

what did the sharepoint 2003 environment tell the sharepoint 2007 environment?
    Don't worry, reboot will still fix everything.

What did the sharepoint admin do to fix an "Unexpected Error has occured"
    Delete sharepoint and start again!

What did one w3wp process say to the other?
    Hey, can I borrow one of your SPSite's?  You have plenty!       

One day a user called the helpdesk, no one answered.  Being that he was in the helpdesk office he walked down and asked the admin why they weren't answering.
She simply stated, they quit when they heard we were implementing sharepoint!

A consultant was asked to build an estimate for a SharePoint two layer approval workflow with SharePoint Designer. 
The consultant never replied.  When asked "why", he simply stated, "Impossible".

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