Sandboxed Solutions – SharePoint 2010

So you have probably heard about this new "Sandboxed" solution "feature" of SharePoint 2010.  Sounds cools right?  Well, let's just wait till your developers get ahold of it and start to screw with your users in production!

So reservations I have include:

  • Point system is too high (300 points/day).  Really?  For each unhandled exception I get 1/50th of a point.  That means it would take  15,000 unhandled exceptions!  

Let me put that into perspective for you.

  • What if you create an event receiver that has an unhandled exception on PURPOSE?
  • Deploy that event receiver to your site for a specific list (let's say only the most important one on the site)
  • Well, your end users will have the joy of trying to add/update an item 15,000 times while getting a nasty modal error popup before you hit 300 points and it is disabled
  • Oh, did I mention they would need to do that every morning?

Sounds fun right? No….

  • How about the fact that the resource points aren't updated but every 15 minutes?  Hmmm, guess that means I can do as many bad things as I want in 15 minutes and go over 300 points!
  • Oh, wait what if the Timer service is NOT running?  No points will be updated…doh!

Not too sure about this whole Sandboxed Solution thang…how about you?


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