SharePoint Federated Results

Here are some simple steps to get Federated search results to work in SharePoint 2010.  Its actually really simple, Kudos to the search team.  Note that this sets up a new Bing federated result, there is already one in there, but this walks you through setting up from scratch.


Exercise 1 – Setup Federation

Purpose:         Learn to pull in outside search results (federation)
from Bing.

Federated search results

Task 1 – Configure your Search Application

  1. Open SharePoint Central
  2. Click “Application
  3. Click “Manage service applications”
  4. Click “My Search Application”
  5. Click “Federated Locations”
  6. Click “New Location”

  1. For location name, type
  2. For display name, type “Bing”
  3. For description type,
    federated results from Bing Search provider”
  4. For author, type “Microsoft”
  5. For version type “”
  6. Leave the Trigger as “Always”
    • NOTE your options,
      prefix and pattern can be applied to the search keywords in deciding to
      send a query to the federated provider
  7. For location type, click
    “OpenSearch 1.0/1.1”
  8. For the query template, type{searchTerms}&format=rss
  9. Note your ability to modify
    the formatting of the results returned from the provider
  10. Note your ability to restrict
    the federated results at a site collection level
  11. Note your ability to set
    credentials for the federated provider
  12. Click “OK’

Task 2 – Set your Search Application

  1. Open Central Administration
  2. Click “Application
  3. Click “Configure service
    application associations”
  4. Click “Default”
  5. Check “My Search Application”
  6. Click “Set as default”
  7. Click “OK”

Task 2 – Test your new federation provider

  1. Open your search center (http://servername:115)
  2. Run a search for “SharePoint”,
    you should get no federated results
  3. Click “Site settings->Edit
  4. Find the “Top federated
    results” web part
  5. Click “Edit web part”

  1. Select “Bing”
  2. Click “OK”
  3. Run a search for “SharePoint”,
    you should get back a single federated result (the top one):

  1. Click “Site Actions->Edit
    • NOTE: you may have to click back to the home page, run a search
      and then click “Site Actions->Edit Page”, there seems to be an issue
      with resending the same query in Beta
  2. Edit the Top Federated
    Results web part, expend “Display Properties”
  3. In “Results Per Page”, set it
    to 3
  4. Click “Ok”, rerun your
    search, you should now see the top 3 results:

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