The sandboxed code execution request was refused because the Sandboxed Code host Service was too busy to handle the request

That's quite the error right?  In just about every farm I have setup so far, I am getting this error: "The sandboxed code execution request was refused because the Sandboxed Code host Service was too busy to handle the request"

I haven't quite figured out exactly what the problem is, the ULS logs don't help much, they simply give a IPC error.  I have double checked everything.  Not sure what happened in RTM that changed from BETA.

I have seen the ACL fix, but that's for a domain controller.  Even applying the fix, it still won't go 🙁


Advanced San Diego SharePoint Users Group (!

It is my pleasure and honor to announce a NEW SharePoint Users Group will be started in San Diego! The formal announcement will be at the SharePoint Launch Party at Karl Strauss.  All attendees to the Launch Party will get a complimentary membership for the first years meetings! 

Last chance to sign up before the event is here

This group will be hosted by Architecting Connected Systems, New Horizons of Southern California and Hersey Technologies.  This group will be focused on VERY advanced topics of all kinds!  For more information, check out our SharePoint 2010 site here:

Meetings will be the 1st Tuesday of every month with the first meeting on June 1st, 2010!

If you would like to become a member, please register and drop us a line, if you would like to sponsor our meetings, drop me a line.


Full Farm Backup SharePoint 2010

In walking through our course labs one more time, I found that when backing up the Farm in "Full" mode, if you cannot resolve the various service applications through the web service WCF services, the entire backup will pause on "In Progress" indefinitely. 

I found that when uninstalling Office Web Apps, you will be left with an instable farm.  One side effect is that your services will start failing and will be set to "Stopped".  I noticed that several of my Windows Services are not  starting autmatically for some weird reason (no, its not a password and yeah, I can see the DC).  Even after setting them back up property and starting the services, the backup would never fully continue.  I have yet to find a resolution!!!

You will also have to deal with the following items here


SharePoint:FieldValue in 2010

In your migrated pages, you should see them all work correctly.  However, the moment you go to do something in the new Page Layouts of SharePoint 2010, you will quickly find that it doesn't work.  The new register directive sets the tag prefix as SharePointWebControls, NOT as SharePoint.

In 2007:

<SharePoint:FieldValue FieldName="CompanyUrl" runat="server" />

In 2010:

<SharePointWebControls:FieldValue FieldName="CompanyUrl" runat="server" />

Again, this is all driven from the register directive at the top of the page.


SharePoint 2010 Prereqs – Installation Failed restart required – Windows Servicing failed

So I was upgrading my development environment to SharePoint Foundation 2010.  Unfortunately I ran into a stopping point.  The pre-req installer would go into a loop!  It would make it to the part of configuring the IIS Application Role and then fail.  The failure would say that a reboot is required.  When the server rebooted, it would start again, and as you can guess, repeat in failure and require a restart!  Yuk!

In the Event Log->Setup, you will see where the install successfully made it too.   You'll see that various roles are being installed and setup.  You just need to manually add those roles and features.  In my case, it was getting stuck on:

  1. Application Server (MSMQ, activation services, etc)

I simply fired up the Server Manager and manually installed each until I got to the root of the problem.  I figured that possible I needed to add the server to a domain but that didn't help.  After 3x, the server manager will give up.  The problem was that the .NET TCP feature wasn't happy.  Why, have no clue.  I had to remove IIS and .NET 3.0 and then run the pre-req installer.  After that, it all went smooth!



Missing server side dependencies. – SharePoint 2010

This error is like a catch all of anything that could go wrong in your 2010 Farm, especially after upgrade!  There is a reason the 12 Hive is left over at the end of the upgrade.  You have stuff in it!  If you don't write a feature upgrade event for all your custom features before youdo the upgrade, your feature directories don't get copied over.  The majority of errors I have for this health Analyzer Rule is from this very fact.  All I had to do was to move the older features over to the new 14 hive features directory.  Then all was good!

You can also reference this older post about the other causes of this error here.


Database is too old and upgrade is required – WSS_Search SharePoint 2007

You may get one of these errors in your Health Analyzer logs.  I am getting it on a database called WSS_Search_SVR-WEB1.  What happened was that I had two server in my farm, one of which I decommisioned to move to 64bit before moving to 2010.

The older SVR-WEB1 had the WSS Search database tied too it.  But somehow when I decommisioned it, the entry in the objects heirarchy table remained (it became orphaned and the 2010 upgrade checker didn't say jack about them) and now I'm stuck with this weird database that is really OLD and SharePoint 2010 does NOT like.  How do I remove it? 

As always, I left with resorting to the objects table and doing a 'name like' and 'properties like' query to find anything that was related to the old server.  Once I find those things i run the STSADM -o deleteconfigurationobject -id "<object id>" command to remove them.

After removing the orphaned objects, I re-run the Health Analyzer job and the error goes away!  Whoot!