2012 SharePoint Jokes

Time for some more SharePoint jokes!

  • What did Office Word 2010 say to SharePoint 2010 Word Automation Services?
    • When can I retire?
  • There was a party going on in the content database, and several SharePoint groups were invited.  The pick-up question of the night was…
    • What site collection you from?
  • What percentage of code is Microsoft's after installing all 3rd party components to support your business?
    • <5%
  • A security firm recently asked SharePoint customers what was their major pain with SharePoint security?  The customer replied…knowing what permissions SharePoint decides to give you at any moment in time!
  • A customer recently was migrating from Oracle Portal to SharePoint 2010. After the migration, the customer asked, where'd all my features go?
  • How did the IT Pro reset the passwords on their SharePoint Farm?
    • They reinstalled everything!
  • What did one SharePoint user tell another user…?
    • Hey, if we yell enough, we can get SharePoint Designer access!
  • On average, how many SharePoint consultant firms till you find a good one?
    • Not including MCS?
  • What will you find if you look in the recycle bin?
    • A hole
  • What happens if you program Project Service Interface (PSI)?
    • Absolutely nothing
  • How many times does it take to setup Document IDs?
    • Lost count at 100…
  • How many customer actually use Document IDs?
    • One – Microsoft
  • What happens when you setup the content type hub?
    • You get lots of errors
  • How many SharePoint developers do you need to support your business units custom needs?
    • Half of China
  • How many SharePoint MVPs earned their MVP from posting on the MSDN Forums?
    • Wait…they know what the forums are?
  • What did the Oracle WebCenter customers tell Oracle after looking at Microsoft Pricing?
    • Why do you make us pay so much?
  • Why did Seattle lose the SuperSonics? 
    • Because SharePoint Designer is FREE and Baller isn't Jewish…and lattes cost $5 and Shultz is Jewish…and neither of them are from Oklahoma!

Bad, but oh so good…

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