MSDN Forum Jam 2012

Dear SharePoint Community,

Back by popular demand, the MSDN Forum Jam 2012 is ready to go!  What is a forum jam?  It is an all out battle for question answering supremacy in the Microsoft MSDN forums.  This is the second Forum Jam I have hosted.  The last one occurred almost three years ago…you can read about the last forum jam back in April 2010 here:

And the winners of that Forum Jam (which all are now movers and shakers in our wonderful community):

For your reading pleasure, I have also posted an updated MVP ranking on the MSDN Forums with all the latest MVPs (updated as of 11/2012) included here:

The rules for this Forum Jam will be the similar to the last one:

Tweet me at @givenscj to say you would like to participate by November 28th, 2012 (MVPs and Non-MVPS welcome)

  1. At 8am on November 28th, I will take a snapshot of all participants points, posts and answers
  2. Contest will end January 29th (a full two months this time), the person with (measured in difference between snapshot and 11/28 totals):
    1. Highest post to answer ratio wins a $150 gift card
    2. Highest Point total wins a $100 gift card
    3. Second highest Point total wins a $75 gift card
    4. Third highest Point total will win a set of ACS SharePoint 2013 training manuals
  3. Moderators are free to participate, but will be unofficially tracked
  4. I'll post updates along the way to let people know where they stand
  5. All post/answers/replies must be in the SharePoint forums.  I will audit these and any items that fall outside those forums will be deducted from your total!
  6. As
    with anything, rules are always subject to change but probably won't,
    this is not endorsed by Microsoft and won't guarantee an MVP Big Smile
  7. Be sure to follow Forum etiquette, be nice and civil, and recognize others.  Its all about helpfulness!

If anyone else would like to contribute to the bounty let me know!

Let the community building begin!
Chris Givens

Please re-tweet this as #forumjam2012

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