The Top Sessions that CJG wants to see at SPC14

Here's the list of sessions that I am going to try to attend in my spare time (if I get any!).  You should check these out too, they look really awesome!

  1. SPC425 – Best practices for maintaining and updating a SharePoint App
  2. SPC421 – Federating applications with Office 365 using 
  3. SPC325 – Real-world examples of FTC to CAM transformations
  4. SPC334 – Real-world SharePoint architecture decisions
  5. SPC397 – Deep Dive on the Data Management Gateway in PowerBI for connectivity on premise and hybrid scenarios
  6. SPC356 – Designing, deploying and managing Workflow Manager farms
  7. SPC371 – Developing socially connected apps with Yammer SharePoint and OpenGraph
  8. SPC340 – SharePoint 2013 Search Analytics
  9. SPC353 – AMD: 13 million users. 54 million page views, on SharePoint 2013. Done
  10. SPC380 – Integrating Yammer and SharePoint using .NET
  11. SPC393 – 7 Tenets of Highly Scalable SharePoint 2013 Apps

See you next week!

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