Welcome to ShareSquared Shannon Bray!

Yep…Shannon Bray has decided to join ShareSquared!

Amazingly, it had nothing *directly* of my doing, although a few people would disagree.  It just happened that David K. hit up Shannon like he always does and happened to get a bit more "response" back because of my move a few months ago.  This latest move certainly peaked Shannon's interest as he knows me really well and working for someone has never been something he thought I would do again.  After a couple quick convo's, Shannon had some serious stuff to think about.  Certainly his Planet Technology co-workers are going to miss him, as I deduced from the Facebook and SMS messages [:)]. 

I have known Shannon longer than I have known David (10+ years).  It all started back in the truely good old MCT days of everyone getting started with SharePoint via my famous (infamous?) 50064 SharePoint 2007 Developer course.  It was a tough course and those that could handle teaching it over a week were certainly complete and total rockstars.  Shannon was one of these people.  As he taught the course and grew over the years, he distinguished himself in many many ways. Husband, Father, Leader, Consultant, Cool Dude, Best Friend…etc etc.

I'm excited that Shannon has decided to join myself and the ShareSquared team.  It means that he'll be around for my next round of cloud startup's in the next couple of years (yeah, those are still in the works) and I couldn't imagine it any other way!  

Welcome Shannon, this is going to be a blast my friend!


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