Nintex Training (Advanced) – Its almost here!

New Nintex Courses are coming! 

Yup, Nintex is such a great product and it has been making so many strides in so many ways, I decided to go ahead and build a set of in-depth courses that cover just about everything you could possibly imagine about Nintex on-premises.  Currently the Nintex customer base is focused on 2013, but many people are moving to 2016 and Office 365 so another set of courses is coming in mid-2017 to cover those technologies.  The courses will become officially available in mid-February 2017, but I would love to have some testers that would like to get up to speed on Nintex quickly and get some free training if you give me feedback to cycle back in!

Cloud Services 

As some of you may be aware, Nintex has started to move its technology investments to cloud based applications.  The new Nintex Hawkeye, Nintex Workflow Cloud (competitor to PowerApps) and other items in the pipeline are designed to leverage the benefites of the cloud.  The new courses cover those technologies too (a first for Nintex courses)!

Nintex Subscription Pricing 

In addition, ACS has become a Nintex Partner so we can sell you Nintex subscriptions.  I'm not greedy so you can imagine the pricing will be pretty amazing, just drop me a line and I'll get you a quote!  Not only that, but I'll even throw in free training courses with the purchase in most cases!

You can find out more about the courses here:


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