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MSDN Forum Jam 2012 Updates

The MSDN Forum Jam is over!  The big winner is Maarten!  He blew away the competition with 2720 points!  Amit came in second and Ivan was 3rd (I don't count, but I am thrilled to have gain 47% more points than last time).  Final prize results are:

  • Maarten will win $100 gift card
  • Amit won a $75 gift card (but has chosen the courseware instead!)
  • Ivan wins a copy of ACS courseware!

NOTE:  Unfortunately, the way msdn forum does the posts now is not the way it worked before, so I had no real way to track the highest ratio of answers to posts this time around. But in looking at a few things, I can get it working for the next round later this year.  Sorry about that :(

Final Official Results - 2/14/2013

Amit V205547111
Chris Givens14704692
Ivan Sanders13753789
Marc D Anderson MVP7403147
CoreyRoth [MVP]5901321
Doug Hemminger13568
Fabian G Williams13078
Gavin Barron MVP12538
Nicholas Holloway9018

I thought tomorrow (12/7) was the day I was to do the Forum Jam start.  Didn't realize I put it in for last week (thursday).  See the original post here. Therefore, I am forced to change the dates of our little competition.  I'll be tweeting this all weekend long for people to sign up and I will then REALLY start the clock on Monday (12/10) and it will continue through till Feb 13th (the day BEFORE valentines so the winner can buy their hunny something nice).  I will be updating this blog post with the results of the people that are participating. 

So far, here is the list.  If I missed people...which I know I did because twitter sucks and removed the hashtag searching and only shows so many replies now, I need you to tweet or email ( me to let me know you want to participate!!!

Remember, these people are competing for $150 top prize!

  • Nicholas Holloway (@nholloway4) - -
  • Amit Vasu (@amitvasu) - -
  • Erica Tolle (@EricaTolle) - -
  • Fabian Williams (@fabianwilliams) - -
  • Maarten Sundman () --
  • Xenox Garavito (@zenoxg)
  • Chris Givens (@givenscj)
  • Ivan Sanders (@iasanders)
  • Gavin Barron (@gavinBarron)
  • Corey Roth (@coreyroth)
  • Marc Anderson (@sympmarc)
  • Paul Hunt (@cimares)

CJG (@givenscj)

Published Friday, December 7, 2012 2:40 AM by cjg



4TheLuvofSharePoint - Ivan Sanders said:

Chris Givens put together a contest for fun and a couple of Beers. But there are so many MVPs that are

January 29, 2013 4:59 AM
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