MCT Virtual Summit 2010

I'm proud to announce I'll be presenting FOUR sessions at the MCT Virtual Summit this year!  If your an MCT, you can become a Fan and find registration links on the MSL Facebook page:

Here's a summary of my sessions:

  1. Train the Trainer(s) – 10174A: Administering and Managing SharePoint 2010 (TS) – together with my co-author and SharePoint MVP, Dan Holme, we will be outlining the modules of this course and how we envisioned it to be delivered.  We'll answer questions about the course and possibly (time permitting) do some demos from some of the labs.
  2. Courseware library success story – Join me as I share with you my latest chapters in my courseware library adventures and where it has led me!
  3. SharePoint 2010 MOC and CWLibrary course overview – I'll review all the upcoming MSL SharePoint 2010 MOC courses, certifications and the currently available SharePoint 2010 courses in the CWLibrary.
  4. SharePoint 2010 BI – I'll review and demo many of the new features of SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence!

Look forward to seeing all of you wonderful MCTs there!

MCT Virtual Summit Presentation and SharePoint Sales Guide

I did my Virtual Summit last night…was perfectly timed to the second!  I have attached the powerpoints and sales guide from the presentation.

I basically talk about the various different courses that you can take around SharePoint and what is offered in the MS Courseware Library… a lot of the ACS courses are on the top of the lists.