Oracle Portal to SharePoint Migration Scripts

It has been unbelievable the number of emails I have received on this.  As a business person, I know that an Oracle Portal migration from scratch will cost a company between $50-100K USD at a minimum and you won't even come close to what I built (I guarantee it).

Unfortunately, I have not really made the effort necessary to make this into a product that will just do what people want it too. It would have been worth it for me to do it at 25Klicense.  This is because with my daily duties only that amount would have been worth the effort to help you and would have been my opportunity costs with helping all of you in the world.  But people didn't want to pay that…which I understand and I get it ( just like I get some apps in the SharePoint store really suck).

Therefore…I am releasing the scripts for free. Why?  Because it is the right thing to do.  With all the other things I have going on, it is the only thing that makes sense.  Why make the world waste time on things that just make sense and is needed and I have already done?  Aside from being straight to the point with my "perspectives", I do have a point in everything I do.  It's marketing, it's business, it's not personal…but I am a good guy when the dust settles.  I do the right thing when it is needed. 

So without further ado…the scripts for migrating from Oracle Portal to SharePoint with FULL FIDELITY are posted here:

If you would like to make a contribution for the fact that this will save you 25-50K in consulting costs, please do…it will help me to keep building shit that everyone wants.  PayPal whatever you feel right (25K would be nice) to  Good luck modifying for your environment…my cost is 25K to help you modify….otherwise your smart people and can figure it out!

Your welcome,

Oracle Portal 10g to SharePoint Migration

Do you have Oracle Portal 10g?  Want to move to SharePoint with full fidelity?  I have scripts that will do exactly that!  This would include:

  • Portal Groups
  • All pages with all "things" (URLs, content, files)
  • Files with versions and comments
  • Workflows
  • Permissions

Contact me at:

I'd be happy to chat with you about moving to SharePoint 2010!

Oh, and here are some interesting facts about Oracle Portal versus SharePoint:

  • Web part zones can have web part zones (these are called regions and subregions in Portal) 
  • Workflows have steps for approvals (whereas SharePoint an approval is just a single step)
  • Groups are global in Oracle Portal (SharePoint groups are limited to site collections)
  • Oracle uses a concept of "things".  Everything is one and everything can have other "things".  This is *super* powerful notion and means that a single page can contain "things", where a thing can be a URL, a file, content, etc.  SharePoint pages can only have web parts on them.
  • Each "thing" on the page can have security for it, SharePoint doesn't let you do this
  • Each "thing" has a version (no matter what it is), SharePoint doesn't have this
  • Each "thing" on a page can have a workflow.  SharePoint workflows are tied to list items, you can't workflow web parts
  • Each "thing" can be optionally HIDDEN.   SharePoint doesn't have a notion of hidden.  The closest you can get is by creating a second list/library and setting permissions.
  • Oracle has a built in notion of shortcut links (a GUID that takes you to the page you want to hit), SharePoint doesn't

So what saves SharePoint at the end of the day?

  • Office Web Apps is the savior, you can't do fancy Office Document manipulation in Oracle
  • Oracle Portal is *much* more expensive than SharePoint