WCF – MessageSecurityException: The security timestamp is invalid because its creation time (‘2009-03-30T20:33:51.481Z’) is in the future.

What a crazy error.  I spent two hours on this today!  What ended up happening was that my machine ran it's Windows Time update and my web server did it's…they updated to be 15 minutes apart!  This caused my messages to stop working!  Man…wish the auth error had bubbled up the stack!  You have to add settings to the service side to get it to log the error, otherwise you will never know what is going on!  Reference this to see how to add the configuration value:

 <serviceSecurityAudit auditLogLocation="Application" serviceAuthorizationAuditLevel="Failure" messageAuthenticationAuditLevel="Failure" />



ACS Course Builder – Now Available on CodePlex!

This is the secret to how ACS can build courses so fast.  Now you can use the tool and take advantage of our WCF services layer to get our proprietary course building tools!  More tools will be added as the tool becomes more popular.  If you want a userid to gain access to the WCF layer, email me.  The test account will only work for so long…



Creating Security Descriptors for MOSS 2007 Managed Protocol Handlers

A few months ago I found this great blog by John Kozell at Microsoft.  He showed us how to build custom SharePoint Search extensions that I though was very innovative and included in my SharePoint 2007 Search Customization course.  Here is a link to the code that I modified to use the new .NET 3.0 classes.