MCT Virtual Summit Presentation and SharePoint Sales Guide

I did my Virtual Summit last night…was perfectly timed to the second!  I have attached the powerpoints and sales guide from the presentation.

I basically talk about the various different courses that you can take around SharePoint and what is offered in the MS Courseware Library… a lot of the ACS courses are on the top of the lists.


SharePoint 2007 Governance Course

Governance seems to come up in spurts around the community.  This course has been around for a while and really drives a lot of the issues with implementing SharePoint 2007 and addresses issues that you will run into 2 years down the road with your SharePoint 2007 install.

Not a course for Developers or End Users, it is targeted at IT Manager and CIO/CTO level individuals.

The outline is available here (and attached to this blog as a word document):

If you want to purchase a copy, send me an email and mention my blog and I'll take $25 off!  First 5 people to email get it for FREE!