All the new SharePoint 2010 Designer Actions and Conditions

Here is a list of all the new actions in SharePoint 2010 / Designer 2010:

SharePoint Foundation:

  • Pause until date
  • Send Document to Repository
  • Add/remove/replace/inherit list item permissions
  • Find interval between dates
  • Extract substring from (end, index, index with length) string
  • Error Message
  • Persist on Close Activity
  • Set workflow status

SharePoint Server:

  • Assign item for feedback
  • Assign item for approval
  • Send Document Set to repository
  • Set conten approval set for document set
  • Capture a version of the document set
  • Lookup manager of user
  • Append Task
  • Reqeust a change
  • Delegate task
  • Escalate task
  • Forward task
  • Insert task
  • reassign task
  • rescind task
  • wait for item changed
  • wait for item deleted
  • declare record
  • undeclare record
  • delete previous versions


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