Project Server Conference 2014

Hi all,

If you can make it to Anaheim, CA on February 2nd-5th, come swing by and check out my sessions!  I will have three which will include:

  • Developer to Developer – Learn about Microsoft Project Online and Server extensibility (co-presented with Bill Avery, developer of the REST services in Project Server 2013) (400) – Learn about the REST architecture, remote event receivers, and how to publish apps to the SharePoint App Store for Project Server
  • SharePoint 2013 Overview for IT Pros and Developers (300) – I will walk through and demonstrate all the new features of SharePoint 2013.
  • How to get up and running with Project Server 2013 for Beginners (200) – A simple what are the basic things you need to do to get Project Server up and running for someone that has never worked with it before

If you haven't registered for this conference, you can do so here:

Hope to see you there!


SharePoint Conference 2014

In addition to the awesome Project Server conference in February, I will also be presenting at the SharePoint Conference in March.  It will be in lovely Las Vegas, NV, March 2nd-6th.  I will have two sessions at the conference (for a total of 5 sessions in 4 weeks):

  • SharePoint Storage Architecture, 2001 to present inside and out (co-presented with Bill Baer) – Think you know shredded storage?  Think again!  Bill and I will present the history of how storage has changed over the years and focus on where we are today.  We will present several different scenarios and test the knowledge of the audience to see if you really know how shredded storage works!  We will use the Shredded Storage testing framework to demonstrate the true workings of this exciting new technology
  • Building futuristic Search Applications using Kinect and Yammer! – Yeah, I did it.  Over 6 months ago I integrated Yammer into on-premise and all I can say is…cool.  That feature alone is worthy of a single session at SPC14, but I wanted to take it even further!  Therefore, I have built a Kinect based application with integrated voice and gesture recognition to mimic the Tom Cruise like movements in the movie Minority Report.  Using the Kinect you can search your local SharePoint content sources and Bing.  This session is not to be missed and will be one of the most talked about session inside and outside Microsoft!

As Bill likes to say…this SharePoint conference is going to be EPIC. If you haven't registered or on the fence about it, you can do so NOW here:

Hope to see you there!


MSDN Forum Jam 2013

It's time!  The clock will start on Dec 1st, which is this Sunday!  I'll take the snapshot at midnight on Dec 1st.  Here are the rules this year:

Back by popular demand AGAIN, the MSDN Forum Jam 2013 is ready to go!  What
is a forum jam?  It is an all out battle for question answering
supremacy in the Microsoft MSDN forums.  This is the third ForumJam I
have hosted.  You can see other Forum Jams here:

The rules for this Forum Jam will be the similar to the last one:

Tweet me at @givenscj or email me at to say you would like to participate by November 30th, 2013 (MVPs and Non-MVPS welcome)

  1. At 8am on Dec 1st, I will take a snapshot of all participants points, posts and answers
  2. Contest
    will end January 31st (a full two months), the person with the following
    (as measured in difference between snapshot and 1/31 totals):
    1. Highest Point total wins a $200 gift card
    2. Second highest Point total wins a $75 gift card
    3. Third highest Point total will win a set of ACS SharePoint 2013 training manuals
    4. Fourth highest will get a copy of my SharePoint 2013 Inside Out book
  3. Moderators are free to participate, but will be unofficially tracked
  4. I'll post updates along the way to let people know where they stand
  5. All
    post/answers/replies must be in the SharePoint forums.  I will audit
    these and any items that fall outside those forums will be deducted from
    your total!
  6. As
    with anything, rules are always subject to change but probably won't,
    this is not endorsed by Microsoft and won't guarantee an MVP Big Smile
  7. Be sure to follow Forum etiquette, be nice and civil, and recognize others.  Its all about helpfulness!

If anyone else would like to contribute to the bounty let me know!

Let the community building begin!
Chris Givens

MSDN Forum 2013 Stats

This blog post will be updated on a daily basis to show where participants stand!  If you would like to join, get me your name and msdn profile link as soon as possible (the later you wait, the less points you can earn!). Official rules here.


Rank Name Points Posts Answers
Trevor Seward
10210 244 594
Amit V
5440 100 315
Steven Andrews
3595 59 224
3545 73 225
Gokan Ozcifci
2559 8 13
Raghavendra Shanbhag
1095 26 65
Chris Givens
1060 34 77
Jason Warren
800 41 39
Fabian G Williams
705 2 2
675 17 36
Mikael Svenson
370 17 22
Devendra Velegandla
330 13 19
Doug Hemminger
223 7 12
Marc D Anderson MVP
150 10 8
Ivan Sanders
125 6 6
105 2 6
Neal McFee [MCT]
90 4 5
90 4 7
69 4 3
CoreyRoth [MVP]
45 3 2
35 1 3
Liam Cleary [SharePoint MVP]
35 0 2
35 0 3
Tom Resing MCM
25 1 1
10 0 1
Alpesh NAKAR
0 0 0
Eli Robillard
0 0 0
Gavin Barron MVP
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
Nicholas Holloway
0 0 0