Eat Sleep SharePoint Repeat Lyrics…

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So there was this Microsoft guy Bill, who was like kicking off SP Conference
I don't know what he was doing
But it was sick man
Like, he was like
Servers in the air

And then all of a sudden, these exec cats strolled in
You know not like a real cats, but those types in Redmond
You know what I'm saying dog
They brought the clouds, yeah, it started raining
Well, it was vegas, so it really wasn't raining
We were raving

And I don't know whether he was really saying it
All he kept saying was,





Suddenly I think I'm on yammer
Suddenly I think I'm on posting a selfie
But I'm not
I'm just dancing
I'm just dancing
I'm just dancing

I'm just sharepointing
I'm just raving
I'm just repeating

SharePoint SharePoint SharePoint…

The Top Sessions that CJG wants to see at SPC14

Here's the list of sessions that I am going to try to attend in my spare time (if I get any!).  You should check these out too, they look really awesome!

  1. SPC425 – Best practices for maintaining and updating a SharePoint App
  2. SPC421 – Federating applications with Office 365 using 
  3. SPC325 – Real-world examples of FTC to CAM transformations
  4. SPC334 – Real-world SharePoint architecture decisions
  5. SPC397 – Deep Dive on the Data Management Gateway in PowerBI for connectivity on premise and hybrid scenarios
  6. SPC356 – Designing, deploying and managing Workflow Manager farms
  7. SPC371 – Developing socially connected apps with Yammer SharePoint and OpenGraph
  8. SPC340 – SharePoint 2013 Search Analytics
  9. SPC353 – AMD: 13 million users. 54 million page views, on SharePoint 2013. Done
  10. SPC380 – Integrating Yammer and SharePoint using .NET
  11. SPC393 – 7 Tenets of Highly Scalable SharePoint 2013 Apps

See you next week!

Yammer Apps Review and Ranking

I have been working a lot with Yammer over the past few months, simply from the standpoint of integrating it with on-premise solutions.  You can see all the fruits of my labor at my SPC session in March:

As part of my development research, I decided to take a look at all the apps that are currently available in the Yammer "App Store".  Here's a run down:

  • Yammer has 66 public apps published 
  • 22 of the apps are from the Yammer team
  • Spigit and HYPE Innovation have two apps published, but seem to be overlaps
  • 40 single app vendors published

In contrast, the SharePoint store has 240 apps published.  See this post for a run down all of those Apps:

Some of the interesting things I noticed:

  • The IFrame window that opens for the apps is ridiculous.  Basic users won't be able to find the "Allow" button or be able to continue to fill in app details.  This is a Yammer problem and not the App vendors problem.  Yammer should fix this. 
  • No categorization of the Apps. There are a lot of archiving solutions.  If you already have one, it would be great to hide all archiving apps.
  • Apps that don't have a freemium service are doing a great disservice to themselves, they will lose to those that do provide it.
  • Apps that store your data (like the QNA app) is not easily indexed and searchable.  Only the data in the feed is indexed.  Your data is now crawling out across the internet.  Have those companies done as much as O365 in terms of getting security certifications?  Doubt it.  Most are small companies out of San FranJose that don't have the VC money to spend on expensive certs.
  • If you publish an App, make sure your site and app entry point is working (http monitoring is good people)!  It would be good for Yammer and Microsoft to have an automated process that verifies that the app entry points are valid and working.
  • If you publish an App, make sure your site SSL certificate is updated.  Very embarrassing.
  • Yammer really needs to put where the message came from like Facebook and Twitter does…come on man!
  • Yammer app permissions messaging sucks.  The phrase "Your credentials will be passed to the application" is a horrible way to say it.  No, my password is not being passed to their app, just the token that allows them to impersonate…geez…come on man!

The best of the best:

There are some hugely notable apps in the Yammer app catalog.  These include:

  • SolvePath have to be some of the smartest people I have seen in the
    social space.  They GET IT.  They are 3-4 years ahead of everyone else,
    their architecture and design is simply impressive
  • The Social Radio is just freaking amazing.  With all the Kinect work I have been doing, I can tell you this app was not easy to build and the voice synth is out of this world!
  • I'll be using Xendo a lot more moving forward, indexing of all your content in one place.  Just amazes me that the Search O365 platform is so stingy when it comes to indexing other data sources.
  • Delve and provide automated news posting across your networks (makes you look like a news hero)
  • GlowBl is simply lightyears out there, if you can wrap your mind around it…you will be a media rockstar!
  • Zapier and IFTTT are so cool, end users can build their own workflows with no coding required.  I give Zapier a leg up as their UI is way easier to use!

Here's my run down of all 66 Yammer apps:

Author Name Description HasTrial AppType Rank Comment
brainsonic CaptainPost CaptainPost is a web application that helps you copy and paste multiple posts to Yammer networks and generate newsletters based on Yammer posts.

If you are a community or project manager, CaptainPost helps you share interesting posts from one group to another, from your internal feed to external networks…etc.

It is the perfect tool for technology scouting on Yammer. Select the publications you would like to share, select the destination groups and click on publish. It is simple as that.

Try it now:

True Freemium 5 Allows you to cross post across Yammer networks! You only get a 100 post quota.
Delve – The social news reader for your company Delve Try Delve free with your company for 30 days.

Get personalized news suggestions for you and your team, post articles and comments to Yammer, and build an archive of key reads.

Team members who spend a lot of time scanning the web for articles save time with Delve’s sophisticated recommendations.

Key features:
– Follow topics u0026 sources—news sites, blogs, trade journals and more—relevant to your job and industry.
– Full Yammer integration: articles posted to Yammer appear in Delve, and vice versa.
– A Trending Section that highlights the most shared articles across your team.
– A daily email digest, with trending articles and personalized recommendations.
– A Browser Extension, so you can post articles from anywhere.

True Freemium 5 VERY COOL! Allows you to select news articles to post to your Yammer feeds to keep employees informed! LOVE IT!
Microsoft Corp. Dynamics CRM Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software solution focusing on automating, managing and improving Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service business processes. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is also a powerful extensible business application platform that can be customized to meet the demands of many industries.

Customer relationship management (CRM) can help reduce costs and increase profitability by organizing and automating business processes that nurture customer satisfaction and loyalty.

False AppStub 5 Check out the video to see how this works. Dynamics CRM has figured out how to take advantage of Yammer for sales genereation. This is not customer facing.
Glowbl Work, share, talk with who you want wherever you are on the planet. False Free 5 The UI is tough to figure out, but once you do…OMG…these french guys built something amazing with huge potential! The yammer app is simple a Stub to post feed items.
Mindflash Mindflash makes it easy to create and manage e-learning courses. Upload PowerPoint, Word, PDF, or video and Mindflash converts them into a Web-based course. Add quizzes, narration, invite trainees via email, produce certificates and track results in real-time with automated tools.

Mindflash is perfect for:

•Onboarding of new employees
•Product and Sales Training
•Customer Care training
•Compliance Training

Mindflash integrates seamlessly with Yammer to help you publicize courses, invite trainees and encourage deeper trainee engagement. In fact, Yammer itself uses Mindflash to train its own employees and customers!

All Mindflash plans have a FREE trial with unlimited use, NO contracts and NO credit card required.

True Paid 5 Much better than LearnShark. Cool features taht allow you to convert powerpoint, word docs and PDFs into training. As users complete courses and objectives, posts to yammer feed.
Officevibe Officevibe Fuel your company culture and increase engagement at work. Officevibe makes your workplace healthy, productive, social, eco-friendly, and generous. Recognize your colleagues for all the great things that are done in your office and have some fun doing it. True Freemium 5 One of the best social engagement apps I have seen. Lots of prepackaged activities to post to your Yammer feed. I'd say possible merger target by Microsoft.
Okta Here are a few key business challenges that Okta can help you solve today:

* Single Sign-On: as cloud and web applications increase in number, employees quickly become overwhelmed managing multiple URLs, usernames, and passwords. Okta solves this.

* Automated User Management: Okta provides user import from AD, AD-driven provisioning and deprovisioning, and password synchronization. All of these make it much easier to administer Yammer across enterprises of all sizes.

* Leverage Active Directory: Okta integrates once with Active Directory and federates your corporate identities to all of your cloud and web applications, including Yammer.

True Freemium 5 Identity Management at it's finest. Wow. 26+ plugins for identity management. Problem of logging in to 100's of sites to disable a user is solved! scary though…a company that olds all the keys!
RightSignature RightSignature™ Easy Online Document Signing Send contracts, forms, proposals – any document you need signed – for legally-binding e-signature with a few clicks. Your customers fill out and sign documents online in any web browser, or even on a mobile device. No printing, no faxing, no hassle.

“Elegant” – ReadWriteWeb
“Powerful” – Fox Business
“Great” – ZDNet

RightSignature will update your private Yammer activity stream when a document has been sent or signed. (No posts are made to your public message feed.)

In addition, this integration syncs your Yammer home network members in RightSignature. When you’re preparing a document to send for signature, start typing in a signer’s name and RightSignature automatically fills in the rest of the name and email address for you.

True Freemium 5 Pretty sweet UI and integration with Yammer. Going to give Docusign (who Microsoft uses right now)a run for their money. But easy with some dev focus for them to integrate with Yammer and take these guys out.
Senexx SolvePath Senexx Solvepath allows you to Find and Share Answers faster with your Yammer!
Curate your questions by automatically tagging them with relevant topics on Yammer that make it easy for experts to find and answer.
Instantly notify relevant experts of your questions on Yammer for faster responses.
Sync your Yammer profile with LinkedIn to automatically share your expertise and interests with coworkers across the company.

The App includes three main features:
1. Analyze expertise using your LinkedIn profile
2. Automatically adds topics to questions
3. Automatically mentions relevant coworkers

True Freemium 5 Wow, talk about data gathering for smart tagging and expertise search! Integrates to find expertise no matter where it is and present questions to people with that expertise on multiple networks (automatically for you)! These guys "GET IT"…everyone else is just shooting in the dark!
The Social Radio, Inc. The Social Radio Listen to your Yammer feeds mixed with your favorite music! True Free 5 OMG…SO FREAKIN COOL! You have to get this! Reads your yammer, twitter and facebook! The voice synthesis is AMAZING! Multiple voices, emphasis is GREAT! And it plays music in the background!
Xendo, Inc. Xendo Connect to all the places where you do your work and get a unified view across your content, so you can get more done, faster and easier. True Freemium 5 Indexes all your content across all your accounts for easy searching. This is pretty sweet! Now if only we could get SharePoint search in O365 to do this… Zao Referral Hires True Freemium 5 Allows you to post jobs to your yammer, twitter, google and facebook feeds. Also allows for search for candidates in linkedin. Simple and easy to use!
Zapier Inc Zapier Zapier lets you connect Yammer with 100+ of the best web applications used by businesses everywhere.

With Zapier you can easily:

* Post new items from an RSS feed to Yammer
* Create new activity feed items for support issues in Zendesk or
* Post new events from your Google Calendar so colleagues know about your meeting

Zapier works with 100+ of the most popular web applications. Setup takes less than 10 minutes so you can easily be up and running today.

True Free 5 Similar workflow app like IFTTT. UI is much more simple and the AJAX messages are HILIARIOUS!
Yammer, Inc. Yammer Embed True Free 4 Allows you to embed yammer anywhere
Yammer, Inc. Yammer Now True Free 4 Yammer messaging made easy
Freeborders, Inc. Social Connector for use with SAP Follow important objects in events and post to your activity stream in Yammer when they occur. False Paid 4 Allows you to post SAP messages to Yammer feeds
UserVoice UserVoice The easiest way to get feedback – from customers and employees alike – now feeds directly into the heart of your social business. The Yammer service hook for UserVoice pushes:

* ideas and comments posted to your UserVoice feedback forum.
* kudos given by customers

…directly into your Yammer activity stream.

Yammer + UserVoice means that your team is more connected and even more great ideas flow.

True Freemium 4 Allows you to post suggestions, comment, kudo, forum and status updates to yammer feed allows you to discover relevant content on your favorite topics and easily share it to Yammer. True Freemium 4 Similar to Delve. Allows you to publish articles across multiple feeds simultaneiously.
Yammer Inc. Use Yammer together with for unmatched real-time collaboration across your entire business.

See what colleagues are working on: Discover relevant activity across the sales department as it’s happening, including updates to accounts, opportunities, campaigns, and more.

Seamlessly share your work: Automatically send updates on your work in to Ticker, accelerating discovery across the company and informing coworkers of existing work streams.

Aggregate business data across platforms: Access a superset of activity streams from and other business applications including SharePoint, Box, Badgeville, Spigit, Tripit, BrightIdea, Expensify and more in a single hub.

False Paid 4 Fires off events from to your yammer feeds (again, another CRM type of integration like Sage and Dynamics). Eventing seems to be unique though.
OpenQ, Inc. OpenQ SafeGuard for Yammer OpenQ’s SafeGuard for Yammer helps organizations monitor and enforce policy and regulation for infractions including:

* Corporate Integrity Agreement compliance
* Healthcare issues such as HIPAA
* Life Sciences Issues including Off-label promotion, REMS social communications monitoring, Adverse Events and anti-kickback
* Financial regulation such as FINRA

For more information, please visit or watch the following video:

False Paid 4 Provides some insane compliance functionality, I'd say they are the leading archival app for yammer.
Lamplighter Games OTR Send messages to your friends u0026 coworkers that disappear after being viewed using our browser extension. True Free 4 Messages are deleted after they have been viewed for 5 secs. I'd give a 5, but it requires Google Chrome and really has nothing to do with Yammer messaging…
Kudosnow kudos Kudos corporate social network and peer-to-peer recognition system is the simple, social, effective and affordable employee engagement solution.

Employee engagement is a key element to any successful business. In today’s knowledge economy, your most valuable assets are your people. All organizations need to have a strategy to engage u0026 align their team to achieve their business goals. The best way to do that is with enhance communication, collaboration u0026 recognition.

It pays to make recognition part of your culture. Organizations where recognition regularly occurs, employee engagement, productivity and customer service are roughly 14 percent higher than in those without recognition.

Thank Different with Kudos.

True AppStub 4 Allows you to send a Kudo to a yammer user. Also works across linkedin, google. UI and setup is a little klunky.
Meldium Meldium Meldium is a simple way to give employees access to the cloud tools they need. From Yammer u0026 Google Apps to dozens of other web apps, Meldium provides centralized management of accounts and permissions in an easy interface. True Paid 4 Manage user accounts across multiple cloud services
Recognize Recognize Recognize is motivating the workplace with professional social recognition. Workers send and share recognitions with their colleagues and coworkers. Sign up for free. True Free 4 Very simple recognition app. Doesn't dilute with other functionnality.
ifttt Inc. IFTTT IFTTT provides a simple way to integrate the services you use everyday with Yammer. You can create and share IFTTT Recipes that automate tasks, sync content, archive data, and much more. True Free 4 App stub for the IFTTT application platform
GoodData Corporation GoodData Yammer Analytics GoodData Yammer Analytics App enables you to track and manage your Yammer community growth! By applying industry best practices, GoodData Yammer Analytics App is an out-of-the-box solution that provides visual insights into key business activities and metrics. GoodData Yammer Analytics App leverages GoodData’s full-stack platform, from data loading, storage to leading visualizations.

GoodData Yammer Analytics App is built on top of Yammer’s Data Export API, which enables the application to analyze your entire community since inception. By partnering with Kanjoya, GoodData Yammer Analytics App helps you gain a deeper understanding of your community by providing sentiment analysis, which, for example, can help measure employee morale.

True Paid 4 Be ready for all your data to leave your yammer networks. I'm not a fan of hosted solutions like this. I think it should be a pre-packed software so you keep your data. But that's my humble opinion.
CorpQNA CorpQNA (Qu0026A for Business) CorpQNA is a better way to create FAQs at work. Ask questions to the right teams, compose better questions, and get meaningful and thoughtful answers.

CorpQNA for Yammer lets you import Qu0026A from Yammer, sign in, synchronize your Yammer groups, ask questions to your Yammer Network, and share FAQs, questions and answers in your Yammer newsfeed.

Answer questions directly from your email or mobile device. Curate a repository of frequently asked questions for new employees. Foster more effective communications and problem solving at work with CorpQNA.

True Freemium 4 Allows you to create questions similar to MSDN, post the question to Yammer and then solicit feedback and answers.
Kanjoya, Inc Crane True Freemium 3 Takes a while for them to setup your data
Yammer, Inc. Chrome Extension True AppStub 3 Allows the Yammer Chrome app to connect to your instance
Yammer, Inc. Desktop Stay on top of Yammer activity with the Yammer Desktop Client.

The Desktop Client leverages features built for the Yammer website to deliver an experience optimized for the desktop. Get conversations, notifications, and private messages streamed directly to your desktop, enabling you to stay connected to your organizations without checking your browser.

True AppStub 3 Allows the yammer desktop to connect to yammer. Being retired.
7Geese 7Geese – Goal tracking, Recognition, Feedback u0026 Coaching 7Geese eliminates the performance review with a new, social approach to performance management. Track personal and team goals, recognize colleagues, and gather valuable feedback all in a continuous, real-time environment. True Freemium 3 The app install is messed up. You need to tab to fill in all the values in the iframe (and create an OpenID). Once you have it installed, you can create objectives that everyone can participate in, you can recognize individuals and schedule 1 on 1s. You must also add everyone to the app that you want to participate, I would have imagined it would have pulled from yammer but alas, no.
Achievers Achievers Achievers is the ultimate Employee Success platform that helps individuals of all levels within a company recognize each other and celebrate accomplishments together, seamlessly through the Yammer platform. The recognition shows up right on the Yammer newsfeed where it can be tagged with different Yammer topic or shared to specific groups.

• Promote a culture of accountability and recognition with public recognition.
• Recognize the milestones and behaviors that lead to success
• Foster a culture of transparent communication
• See collaboration and connections amongst groups via recognitions to one another
• Broadcast recognitions via an accessible newsfeed

False Paid 3 Acheivers is a remotely hosted application that will make posts into your Yammer feeds based on the activities performed in their system. It does require you to purchase a subscription from them in order to use the software. No Trial is available.
AffinityLive AffinityLive AffinityLive helps you and your team work better with your clients. By automatically capturing all of your client emails in one place, AffinityLive gives everyone in your business a single, shared view of activity– making email social, discoverable and collaborative for the first time.

– Automatically captures client emails without users changing the way they work
– Strong, configurable privacy settings to protect sensitive relationships u0026 information
– Real-time updates are posted to the Yammer activity stream
– Works with Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange and Office365
– Syncs with your iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone
– Optional upgrades to add sales, project management, invoicing and helpdesk modules.

True Freemium 3 This app connects to your Google, O365 or Microsoft Exchange and imports in all of your contacts. Once imported, it will manage your email and map those emails to interactions with your peers and customers in a CRM like way. It can manage your tasks and fire activities to your yammer feeds. Honestly, this thing is MASSIVE. It is a very like approach. Not much to do with Yammer in this app, and the app is more of a gateway to get you to check them out.
Yammer, Inc. Android True AppStub 3 Allows the Yammer Android app to connect to your instance
Proofpoint, Inc. Archiver for Yammer Proofpoint Archiver for Yammer addresses regulatory compliance concerns associated with implementing Yammer in regulated organizations such as Financial Services and Healthcare.

• FINRA, SEC, SOX, HIPAA, FDA compliant.
• Integrates with your existing email archiving solution: Proofpoint, Symantec, HP/Autonomy, Global Relay, Mimecast, Smarsh, etc.
• Leverage your existing e-discovery tools
• Advanced functionality to meet your complex workflows

Proofpoint Archiver for Yammer captures Updates, Replies, Files, Polls, Praises, Questions u0026 Answers, Events, Announcements, Private Messages, Group Communications, and Chats.

False Paid 3 Allows the Proofpoint App to connect to Yammer. Converts all yammer content to an email and then sends to a compliance officer. Very simple and I'd say effective. Emails are kept even if user deletes the content.
Smarsh Inc Archiving & Compliance for Yammer False Paid 3 An archiving system that dumps out your yammer content for compliance. They have alot of archiving plugins available
Automation Anywhere Automation Anywhere Cumulus Cumulus is a “social sounding board” where anyone in an organization can suggest time-consuming, manual tasks to automate, and then seamlessly move from “idea” to “fully automated task” using Automation Anywhere’s powerful, easy-to-use software.

With Cumulus, Yammer users can:

u003E Post automation suggestions, and collect votes to build momentum for automation projects
u003E Utilize helpful workflow process tools that provide visuals for how an automation task will work
u003E Leverage built-in calculators to identify time and dollars saved by automating a task
u003E Initiate automation projects practically as quickly as they can be thought up

Get automating! Connect Cumulus to your Yammer account today.

True Freemium 3 Allows you to create Initiatives and suggestions and allow people to vote on those initiatives and suggestions. Top suggestions can be converted to projects. One would wonder why they would reinvent project server, and frankly, they are missing tasks, issues and a whole myrid of other things. I'd simply say, "remove the project" feature.
Badgeville, Inc Badgeville Badgeville for Yammer enables companies
to measure, influence, and reward key user behaviors in their enterprise applications, and publish them into
Yammer’s Activity Stream as contextually relevant
updates. By surfacing employee rewards and reputation in front of the right people, it motivates employees to utilize their work tools more effectively and move the needle on key business processes.
False Paid 3 Similar to Four Square, as user's perform various tasks, you can post a feed item with a badge. App keeps track of what badges users have received in the background.
Yammer, Inc. BlackBerry True AppStub 3 Allows the Yammer Blackberry app to connect to your instance Yammer Embed False Paid 3 An appstub for allowing apps to talk to yammer
HootSuite HootSuite The Yammer integration with HootSuite makes the transition between internal and external social collaboration even easier by providing a way to monitor and reply to Yammer conversations from the HootSuite dash.

Users who spend their time listening and engaging with their audience in HootSuite, and find themselves leaving the dash to collaborate with their colleagues on Yammer, can now pull these efforts into one place, saving valuable time and keystrokes.

Key Features
– View your Home, Company, Private Message and Group feeds
– Post updates to your Company and Group feeds, including attachments
– View likes, replies, and attachments for all updates
– Like and reply to all updates
– Search for content in your network and groups

False Paid 3 No data available.
HYPE Innovation HYPE for Yammer HYPE for Yammer streams activity from your innovation portal directly into Yammer and enables you to progress high-potential ideas generated in Yammer through your HYPE platform to enhance, evaluate, prototype, and implement. Extend the reach of your innovation program, drive awareness of current campaigns, and tap into expert knowledge to uncover high-value ideas.

Features include:
– One-click import of comments from Yammer, including attachments, pictures and

False Paid 3 No data available.
HYPE Innovation HYPE GO HYPE GO! is an on-demand collaborative innovation tool. It enables organizations of all sizes to get started with idea management instantly by creating idea campaigns around challenges, invite users to submit ideas, collaborate, review, and select the best ones for implementation.

HYPE GO! is more than a one time tool – it helps you build and manage your idea portfolio ensuring long-term value. Bring together your organization’s brightest minds to work out high-quality concepts. Go beyond simple ideation and make use of your company’s greatest asset: the people that work there.

HYPE GO! includes guidance on how to run a successful innovation program – based on the knowledge gained in over a decade of projects.

False Paid 3 A type of idea generation and cultivation software. Links yammer ideas to HYPE ideas. I guess HYPE has better Ideas than yammer does. Create IDEA campaigns that generate ideas, then evaluate and select ideas.
Yammer, Inc. iPad True Free 3 Allows the yammer iPad app to connect to yammer. Being retired.
Yammer, Inc. iPhone True Free 3 Allows the yammer IPhone app to connect to yammer. Being retired.
Kindling Inc. False AppStub 3 another idea generation application
OneLogin OneLogin for Yammer Single Sign-On (SSO) and Active Directory Integration OneLogin’s Free Plan for Yammer enables enterprises to easily connect their internal Active Directory and LDAP server to Yammer, synchronize users in real time, employ single sign-on, and enforce multi-factor authentication.

OneLogin is entirely cloud based and allows you to get up and running in minutes. No software to install, no appliances, no firewall changes.

OneLogin automatically creates, updated, deletes, suspends and activates users in Yammer based on real time changes in your directory, which both simplifies user administration and improves compliance.

Instantly search across multiple cloud applications like Box, Google Apps, Salesforce, Yammer and Zendesk.

True Freemium 3 I'd give higher score if they had actual walkthrough of how to setup the integration. Its not obvious.
Swrmit LearnShark True Freemium 3 You can create learning paths with multiple types of content. Very similar to SCORM structure. Keeps track of users actions for trending analysis. I dont see where Yammer plays here (no messages generated). Perks Recognition and Rewards Let Perks accelerate your culture of recognition, through peer to peer acknowledgment. Drive improved performance, employee retention levels and employee satisfaction with this integration that provides a centralized and automated recognition standard across the Enterprise. Increase visibility to key business and performance initiatives by recognizing and rewarding individuals whose behaviors align with those business initiatives and earn points that can be redeemed in a rewards catalog. Posting activities into the Yammer activity stream creates both excitement and healthy competition. Users easily nominate each other for things like “Employee of the Month” or “Going Above and Beyond”. False Paid 3 Perks knows all about motivating people…but can't describe their app at all. Another employee recognition tool. Needs a freemium version.
Quandora Corporation Quandora Question u0026 Answer Quandora empowers companies to foster a community of continuous learning and employee engagement with shared knowledge building through the simple act of asking questions.

Nearly every workplace has unspoken rules, internal processes, general modes of operating, and technological know-how that is hard to find and track. This proprietary knowledge is difficult to capture, document, and communicate to internal teams.

Quandora empowers users to ask questions, share knowledge, and learn on a platform that is accessible to all team members. Our web and mobile-based tool ensures that invaluable information is never lost and that communities are constantly learning and improving.

True Free 3 Another Q&A app. I'd say the CorpQNA app is better.
Sciforma Sciforma US False Paid AppStub 3 Simply fires off project events to Yammer. Idea…yammer integration with Project Server, vendors think of common sense things before MS teams do
Triple Creek River When paired with Yammer, learning-centered collaboration in River can be shared in broad networks via Yammer, creating even more buzz for your learning activities.

River is a next generation social learning platform that helps people:
– Connect with colleagues throughout their company in learning-focused activities.
– Set up their own learning engagements on the topics and areas that they need to learn about.
– Offer their expertise as an advisor to colleagues in areas of their choosing.
– Build networks of colleagues that they can turn to for questions, guidance, insights and more.

Help your employees improve efficiencies, cut costs, spark new ideas, reduce time to market, spread best practices, and more with River.

False Paid 3 No data, needs freemium version to see what you are getting.
Sage Sage CRM Integration Business collaboration across teams using Sage CRM is made easy with social-style collaboration powered by Yammer. This makes business conversations concerning opportunities, leads and support cases more social and transparent, providing greater visibility for all employees. False Paid 3 Not sure how visible and used Sage CRM is. But the Dynamics offering is very similar (if not identical) in the use of the feeds across CRM entities.
Yammer, Inc. SharePoint Maximize the power of SharePoint with Yammer and turn business collaboration into a social, mobile, and engaging experience.

Whether it’s on premise or in the cloud,Yammer deeply integrates with SharePoint to add a real-time social layer to core SharePoint capabilities. Engage in team and company-wide conversations, collaborate around files and projects, and become more productive by using SharePoint and Yammer together. And when you’re on the go, stay connected to conversations happening inside SharePoint with Yammer mobile applications.

True Free 3 Allows you to connect sharepoint to yammer.
Spigit Spigit Engage SpigitEngage is the leading platform for end-to-end social innovation management for the enterprise. Manage the innovation process, from generating ideas to executing the best ideas for driving business growth. Make innovation a predictable business process that achieves measurable outcomes for your company. SpigitEngage integrates with Yammer to bring deep idea management functionality, game dynamics and social algorithms for business innovation to the Yammer ecosystem.

Spigit helps the worlds leading brands invent disruptive new products, generate new revenue streams, build an innovation culture, reduce costs and significantly improve employee and customer engagement. Spigit products are used by over 1500 customers around the world.

False Paid 3 Idea generation and cultivation.
Glassey Technologies Inc StratPad StratPad is an iPad app that walks you through the business planning process step-by-step and instantly prepares the reports you need.

You can create your strategic business plan — including financial projections and project plans — in an hour or two, not days or weeks.

Deep Yammer integration enhances planning communication and collaboration, reduces time spent managing the process, and helps your entire team come together on the same page.

Use StratPad and Yammer to create the strongest possible business plan that is fully supported by your entire team.

True Paid 3 I'd hope that you have your business figured out, but I guess you can lose focus every now and then in times of transition? Trial doesn't allow Yammer integration 🙁
Subscribe-Software Pty Ltd Subscribe-HR A decade of practical experience
has been drawn upon to enable us to provide a truly end-user focused HR Cloud Computing Solution.
Subscribe-HR configuration is easy and robust. End users are able to configure up to
60% of the Subscribe-HR application, without the need to know any programming
skills. This presents substantial cost saving in relation to the immediate and on-going
management of Subscribe-HR.
Subscribe-HR Modules Include:
Employee and Manager Self-Service
Graphical Reporting
Payroll Outsourcing
True Paid 3 A full HR system with some type of Yammer integration
Yammer, Inc. Windows Phone True Free 3 Allows the Windows Phone app to connect to yammer. Being retired.
Yambla Yambla Yambla is a fun, simple and social way for companies to collect ideas from employees and customers, and to make them happen.

Collect ideas when they strike, get notified about the most promising ones and use the social momentum to make them happen.

True Freemium 3 Another Idea fostering and tracking application. App install and integration is broken. Most send you to the signup page, this one just drops you to nowhere land.
Zendesk Zendesk With Zendesk Live Feed, your Activity Stream in Yammer displays important notifications of your Zendesk ticket activity, so you and your entire organization are always up-to-date with real-time support information. See a live feed of updates in the Activity Stream whenever a ticket is created, comments are added to a ticket, ticket status is changed, or a customer satisfaction rating has been submitted.
Each Activity Stream update includes a link back to the Zendesk ticket, so you and your support team can quickly respond to an urgent issue or see what your customer had rated in their satisfaction survey.
False AppStub 3 Simply posts ticket info to Yammer feeds
ViewDo Labs ViewPoint Enterprise Get federated visibility of your company’s Yammer and SharePoint platforms. Watch changes in user and group adoption over time. See which groups and sites are most and least active – by posts, likes, shares, documents and more. Identify your most influential users across the enterprise. True Freemium 2 Doesn't work, after two days still doesn't show any data
Spigit Spigit Idea Meter Idea Meter is a free app to crowdsource answers that drive better business decisions. Launch a private site for employees or a public site with customers and partners. The app brings game dynamics, behavioral algorithms and a pairwise voting mechanism that’s pure genius to the social conversation in Yammer. Login with Yammer and get Idea Meter in the Yammer activity stream.

Idea Meter enables better leaders, gives everyone a say in decisions and helps focus the company on what matters.

Idea Meter is brought to you by Spigit, the leading social innovation platform that drives growth at over 3000 companies around the world. Learn more about Spigit Engage, the comprehensive social innovation platform for the enterprise, at

True Free 2 Not as advanced as the other Q&A apps
Klout Klout for Yammer Klout has partnered with Yammer! We have many exciting new features in the works, but for now you can publish your Klout score and topics where you have influence into Yammer. True AppStub 2 A nonworking appstub. They are using our data to try to build a platform with no real timeline for having it done. Jerks.
feedfall feedfall True Free 2 A simple view of your yammer feed. Enterprise feature uses a Pinterest style view for $1499. I don't think this is a corporate app, more of a single users type.
WPG Solutions Giving This application allows Yammer users to donate to their favorite charity and share and invite others in their networks to do the same. Philanthropic giving made easy via Giving on Yammer. True Free 2 Simply posts that you gave money to a charity.
HyperStart Limited Eleface True None 1 Site was down when I tested. Not good.

Writing Apps for SharePoint Decision Tree

I have quite a few blogs on Apps now.  After all the reverse engineering over the past couple of weeks, everything is really simple now.  Check out all these posts to get caught up:

All that content, yet I still get "Its too complicated".  So, I decided to make a simple decision tree of the paths you can take when deciding what to do when building an "Application" for SharePoint 2013+.  Here is the tree (Visio is attached):