Getting K2 System Key without using the installers

Yeah, you know if you have ever done a K2 install, you know what I'm talking about.  Well, the days of waiting to get the system key to request the license is over.  You can run the following script to get your system keys for BlackPearl, BlackPoint and SmartForms:

$scriptPath = "C: empK2 for SharePoint 4.6.11 (4.13350.1734.1)Installation"
$scriptPath = "C:TempK2 blackpearl 4.6.11 (4.12060.1731.1)Installation"

cd $scriptPath


[System.Environment]::CurrentDirectory = $scriptPath;
$installpath = "M:Program Files (x86)K2 blackpearl";

$license = new-object SourceCode.Install.Licensing.Licensing($installPath + "host serverin");
"BlackPearl " + $license.MachineKey;

$license = new-object SourceCode.Install.Licensing.Licensing($installPath);
"SmartForms " + $license.MachineKey;