Source file could not be replaced with a link – SharePoint

You may run across this in your dealings with SharePoint 2013 or 2016 when attempting to move things to the Records Center and leave a link behind.

It used to be because the file was checked out, but with all the new features of SharePoint these days, you get many components stepping on each others toes.

In this case, you will find the actual error is not bubbling up from the lower levels in the stack.  A quick search in the ULS logged will point you to this gem:

“Version of this item cannot be deleted because it is on hold”

Ah ha…remove the hold that is placed on the document (if you were testing anyway) and then you can continue the move process.  The unfortunate thing is that the document does successfully get submitted to the records center, so a resubmissions will trigger the whole versioning or _ASDSF randomness.  Such is life in SharePoint when you have end points calling other end points that live outside one another’s thread space.

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