Automating GDPR Request for Microsoft Dynamics

And just like Office 365, On-Premises SharePoint and any other application that has a Privacy Central application stub sitting in front of it, you can also automate your Microsoft Dynamics privacy requests.

Check out the video here:

Privacy Central – Privacy Score – What is it?

Not all applications or companies will take advantage of the new Privacy Platform. Reasons being they may be large social media companies such as Facebook (et all), Google (et all), Apple, Microsoft…etc.

Why? Because they implement something on their own. Its their best try at giving you something to appease the regulators in Europe, California or wherever else you may have regulations.

Ok, good to know they can’t use the platform so what’s the point?

The SaaS platform,, allows for what are called “Redirect Applications”. These are applications that will redirect to the companies data request form or link. These links are usually hidden or only visible as a logged in user. These are the applications we are targeted for Privacy Scores. Although, there are some instances such as SalesForce, Dynamics, etc that will also get a privacy score.

What is the Privacy Score? It is a proprietary set of evaluation points (over 75+) that evaluate a company or a specific company’s application to tell you how safe it is. The specifics of the score are a close secret, but a couple things I can share is that some of the points are evaluated on the privacy policy and the terms of usage.

The goal is to add 2-3 Privacy Scores every week and post them to the PrivacyInc twitter handle along with the score to the SaaS platform. Eventually all major applications will be scored you will have a full view as to what applications are safe, and which ones are incredibly lacking.

You can get a view of the current set of scores here. Notice Instagram is the worst application you could possible utilize. And to think of all the children that are using that thing…not good.

Automating GDPR for On-Premises SharePoint

Yes, you can do it! Utilizing the Privacy Central privacy platform and its application stub framework, you can seamlessly operationalize your privacy requests for on-premises applications like SharePoint or any homegrown application.

Check out the video here:

Automating GDPR for Office 365

Yes, you can do it. Utilizing the Privacy Central privacy platform and its application stub framework, you can seamlessly operationalize your privacy requests for Office 365 and any other SaaS or homegrown application.

Check out the video here:

My Symphony

My name is Chris. This…is my 40-year symphony. It is choreographed to “Chopin”, and only “the best of”. So start this before you read on!

I, just like you, have 20+ years of hard work and ‘potential’.

We have startups galore under our belts.

And oh so many years of “keeping up” with the technology (for all you MCTs).

Let downs.

Beat downs.

Stock market disappointments



The dreaded, mid-life crisis.


We entirely…on our accord…”own” this “disappointing” world of ours.

Just like you, we are smart.

We know what the world wants.

We get it.

We know things before others do, yet we fail to act.

We lack the experience, yet we have…the “know-how”.

Some of you. Entire-ly possess it.

Call it…”courage”, if you will.

Yet….will you be one?

Will you, can you?

Take the risk?

We put in days. Months. Years.

Our entire life-force is put into something.

Something others may or may not ever appreciate. Or even know existed.


Creations that change the very fabric of reality. Of humanity?

Of us? Or of we?




From these.

“we” create.

Good for some, evil for others.

We create.

Things that people never thought could ever exist.

Paths, not evolved until we showed the way.

So, I present…my symphony.

Based on privacy. Built on honor.

Done for the greater good.

May we preserve our dignity and rights, as Martin Luther King envisioned for all humans and guided by the musical greatness and creativity of “Chopin”.

May we all enjoy what I consider to be…

My life’s work….

I look forward to all the things that evolve from it as it is now presented to the human race.