The CJG Office 2007 Object Model

I have been doing alot with Office 2007 documents.  Specifically PowerPoint and Word, basically I am dynamically generating them for all kinds of applications!  Using my Database class builder tool, I have generated an object model around the Office XML schema!

I will be releasing this later in March anyway, so figure I would post about it now!  Maybe some of you will find it helpful!


 Here's a code example:

 wp p = new wp();
            p.PId = null;
            p.RsidP = null;
            p.RsidR = null;
            p.RsidRDefault = null;
            p.RsidRPr = null;
            p.WsmartTags = null;

            wr r = new wr();
            r.RId = null;
            r.RsidR = null;
            r.RsidRPr = null;
            wbr br = new wbr();
            br.Type = "page";
            r.Wbr = br;

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