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I have always been a Star Trek fan, watched every episode of every version (my courses show you how much I like it, especially when you get to the labs with the picture of George Takei and I).  Sure there were good and bad ones, but always entertaining.  Star Trek is the whole reason I got into technology in the first place, love it!  Had the oppty to meet all the Star Trek actors one day, it was awesome. Similarly, I have always been a fan of space and technology. 

I have followed the theories and watched the discoveries and have been impressed with what we have figured out over the years, especially the things that Gene Roddenberry forecast (cell phones, lasers, etc). Some of the more interesting things have always started from theories.  When you watch the progression of things from theory to fact, you realize, everything always starts with some absurd theory, many of Stephen Hawking's have been pretty absurd, but always debated and improved upon in the community.  So with that, I want to share my theory on relativity:

I was driving from the DMV today and noticed a fly in the car.  The fly is dumb (we presume anyway), and had no idea it was in a car traveling at 50MPH.  It was flying forward with no real effort and with respect to the earth, was actually traveling faster than me or my car was.  It was ignorant of this fact of course.  But that puts things into perspective right, did you know you are on a planet travel several 10's of 1000's miles per hour around the sun, when in turn is traveling at who's knows how fast around the black hole at the middle of our galaxy?  Probably not eh?  Einstein said that everything is relative, physics even dictates that point of reference is important when calculating anything.  When you look at Hawking's theories, he says the blur at the end of the black hole is where you are traveling so fast that you seem to "disappear".  At first, it led him to believe that matter disappeared into the hole completely (as in destroyed, or simply, didn't exist anymore), but in reality, it is still there, but moving so fast, yet the light of it being pulled into or some slowly able to escape the gravity of the black hole that we can't see it.  Think of it in terms of if you move faster, than the speed of light (without gravity affecting you), everything will seem to have stopped, or possibly, you start to move in time (from your perspective).

With that laid as the foundation, consider that matter can be broken down to the protons, neutrons and electrons that make it up (we'll skip anti-matter for the time being).  The large particle collider is trying to prove that there are particles that make up these three things, the Higgs Boson particle (some call it the "God" particle, but that's just a silly name).  They say that the particle has been so hard to find because it moves so fast and between what they are calling 11 dimensions.  The basic human brain can really only fathom the first 4 dimensions (X, Y, Z, Time).  The rest, well, have been tough to think about…until now.   String theory seems interesting to me when correlated to something I have noticed over the past few years.  But before we get to that, let me state what I believe:

First and foremost, I believe that THERE IS some type of energy or component of the basic particles that is moving between these dimensions.  How many dimensions, frankly don't know, don't care.  The fact that is important is the dimensions exist.  If there is a sub-particle that is moving between the other particles, what is its frequency of being in our dimension?  In other wards, is there some type of formula that will describe that frequency like a sine or co-sine wave?  It could be way more complicated than a simple sine wave, but for simplicity, let's go with it. 

Let's say the wave is actually broken across the dimensions in a circular fashion (like token ring – the more advanced and better technology than ethernet ever was).  If the particle moves away from us, then all of its energy will be devoted to the dimension it is in at that moment.  I can't say if the closest dimensions get some benefit from being next to the dimension that currently holds the token, but my guess would be that they do (if simply that they were the last or first with it).  If this is the case, then string theory kinda goes away and it should be called "ring" theory.

Let's now say that the wave is still broken across the dimensions, but let's think of it as a line rather than a circle.  This puts "string" theory back in play as the formula that represents the energy of the token as it moves across the dimensions.   When the token is farthest from us, we are at the apex of the bottom of the curve.  When the token is with us, we are at the top of the apex.  In my theory, the "string" part is the map of the energy wave created across the dimensions.  This would imply that all dimensions are mapped out in a particular order.  I don't like that.  With everything in the universe, PI seems to rule.  The earth is round, the sun is round, particles that gather in space form round.  Why a straight dimensional map?  Would it make sense for it to be a circle of dimensions?

Now, with that second set of theory out of the way.  How might we calculate when the energy or token is with us?  Back to my observation of the past 32 years on this planet.  There seem to be days when everything (events, to-dos, etc) falls on that day.  It is also evident that in my observations on twitter, there are days when the entire world is super happy, and days when the entire world is super sad.  This is not just simplistic coincidence, but a literal convergent to a single day.   Now, a day is a relative thing to us.  In the view of space and time and the universe, a day (24 hours as humans have defined it) is such a small amount of time.  It is my theory, that these convergences are when we have the token (world happy days) and when we are farthest away from the token (world sad days).  I can say that I have only seen a few of these events in my lifetime, but they were VERY noticeable.  Or conversely, the token is bad energy and we don't want it!

It is my belief that it will be on those days, where we will be able to see the particle in the collider.  All the other days we won't have it and there will be no point in trying to find it. 

Let's take a step back, so what if I'm right?  How do we keep from accepting the token, is there anything we can do, to make it skip us if it is truly bad?  Is there anything that we could do to keep it if its good?  What if we determine the formula that maps the path of the token across the dimensions and how long we actually have it?  Do we post it on the internet and tell people that, in the words of Ice Cube, "today is going to be a good day!", or in the case of evil, that today is going to be a bad day and there is nothing you can do about it?

I have never seen a theory like the one I have been thinking about, so I figured, why not post it, see if someone in the physics community checks it out and say…damn…CJG might have something there!

ADDED:   What if the matter that enters the black hole speeds up to a point that it is expended as multi-dimensional heat energy (similar how the sun emits its solar energy)?  Would that mean that the actual sub-particle/energy we are looking for is part of a passing worm hole of dimensional "heat" expelled from the black hole?  This could in fact prove that what the collider is trying to do by sending two particles towards each other at light speed and in effect hit each other at twice light speed would imitate the effect of the black hole (but not create a black hole) and therefore open a temporary view into the transformation of matter into dimensional energy?  If this is the goal and proves to be fact, would it be possible to open an area large enough to be able to inject conscious matter into it?  If you were able to do this, would you even be able to return to a dimension that would bring this consciousness back in the same form?  Would there not need to be another device sitting on the other side to catch your passing dimensional energy wave?

Ok, back to SharePoint 2010!

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