Installing SQL Server 2008 R2 PowerPivot – SharePoint 2010

I wasn't a fan of the first installer, and am still not a fan of the current installer.  It works great if you are doing a new Farm, but unforunately, when you already have a Farm, it doesn't work right.

The various errors include the fact that you have to know what permissions need to be assigned to the Analysis Services instance, what account to install under and a not so simple thing in that the ConfigurationFile.ini on the "install" step is WRONG!

It still thinks you are trying to do a new Farm install and randomly picks a port for the Central Administration site!  Hmm…who codes this stuff???  You have to edit the file to set the port properly for Central Administration.  You should also set the TCP and Netbios setting to "1" while your are at it.


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