What’s new in SharePoint 2013 – What My Eyes Have Seen So Far

Last Updated – 7/17/2012 12:07pm… 

Here's a list of things that I have seen change so far:

Let's start with WORST feature (from this is a SUPER BAD IDEA standpoint):

And the rest of stuff that is pretty cool:

  • Push Notifications to mobile devices (this one is VERY interesting) 
  • Workflow are now .net 4.0 based!  This is a VERY important point and requires lots of testing!
  • Logging now has directories!  No longer a single file with all log entries!  – YEI!
  • Site Deletion Policies with a new "Site Closure" feature (basically hides the site from users without deleting it)
  • ASP.NET 4.0 instead of ASP.NET 2.0
  • Two new service applications:
    • Machine Translation – for translating your documents into other languages –
    • Translation Services! – BY FAR THE COOLEST PART OF SP15!
      • MMS SUPPORT IS INCLUDED!!! – I wrote this for 2010, but cool to see it actually OOB now!
    • Work Management Service – task aggregation across work management systems
  • Claims  auth changes
    • No more need for sticky session – THIS IS HUGE!  – THANKS MICROSOFT!!!
    • SharePoint is actully ahead of the curve this time – JSON responses in metadata endpoints – AWESOME!
  • More service application databases support log shipping – WOOHOO! 
  • Integration with AppFabric (Request Mangaement) 
  • Shredding Database – (Deduping files and reducing wire line byte transfer)
  • New Micro blogging feature (sorry NewsGator)
  • Document Conversion has an IMMEDIATE feature (I could have used this months ago!)
    • If you don't know what DS is, it allows you to "Programmatically" convert documents to mutliple formats (DOC->DOCX, DOCX-PDF) and at the same time, to execute field updates like Table of Content (TOC) in place in a library
  • Extensible Analytics framework
  • When using the "Rating settings" you have the option to "Like" rather than "Rate"
  • No More PowerPoint (.thmx) themes, back to HTMLHTML5
  • DataSheet View Editing of MMS Columns in list – THIS ROCKS!
  • Developer Dashboard looks sweet now, it was only ok before
  • *Somewhat* improved permission prem
    equest management
    • Wish Group were global and not scoped at Site Collection levels = LAME
  • Office Web Apps is seperate server (not a service app anymore) 
    • Utilizes WOPI – Web Application Open Platform Interface
  • User-defined funtions don't work anymore 🙁 
  • Improved URLs for Office Web App links (they aren't ugly anymore)!
  • Office Web Apps can now CREATE documents (not just edit and view pre-created ones)
  • Office Web Apps has more supported (client like) features
    • Print
    • Ink
    • Animations
  • New REST based API for OWA programming/development
  • Image and Video rendering is improved greatly!
    • Just add some videos and pictures into a document library and check it out for yourself!
  • A new look and feel with a new header menu that includes:
    • A link to Social

    • A link to the
      Microsoft SkyDrive
    • A link to the Site of
      the farm
    • The typical user
      JavaScript dropdow
    • A new “settings” link
      (similar to “site Actions” in previous SharePoint versions
    • A help link
    • A feedback link
    • A “Share” link for
      granting access to a site
    • A “Focus” link that
      hides all but the main content area of a page
  • Removal of the retarded "Claims" vs "Windows" auth radio button in web app creation 
  • A new "Apps" link in Central Administration for accessing an App Marketplace
  • New site templates:
    • Developer Site
    • Project Site
    • Community Site
    • Multipage Meeting
    • Discovery Center (old Records Center)
    • Community Center
    • Product Catalog
  • A newly designed "My Site Host"
  • New Error page with Expandable details
  • New "Metro" look and feel on the team sites
  • Office Web Apps is no longer a service application
  • Web Analytics is part of Search Service Application
  • eDiscovery – Export from a file share into SharePoint
  • Personalized search results based on search history

Stay tuned for a killer Development blog post!


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