Introducing codename PowerStream!

Well, I can't keep stuff under wraps too long.  Sooo, a small little announcement about something I built in the past few months.  A tool code-named called "PowerStream" that will be officially announced with the new ShareSquared site in a few weeks.  This tool allows for the migration from anything (literally) to SharePoint with very little effort.  So far, I have tested the tool with several ECM systems (Documentum, oracle, custom, blah) and everything works perfectly!  In addition this tool integrates with another tool which I can't announce at the moment, but if you do anything around file plans, this will integrate with tools like Gimmal very easily.

A lot of code came from the design of my Oracle to SharePoint tool that was developed at General Atomics, but this version adds in some of the other code I had from ACS days and some new stuff including:

  • Dynamic property setting
  • Managed Metadata leveling
  • OCR of TIFF and any other image formats
  • TIFF page/file merge
  • TIFF to OCR'd PDF/A
  • Really true awesome redaction capabilities

Want to move your old redundant no featured ECM to SharePoint (on-premises or O365, yeah its CSOM based!)?  Let me know, I'll do it really quickly!



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