Smart Client Software Factory

I just finished the latest lab of our course last nite with this great new tool from Microsoft’s patterns and practices group!  It was quite the learning curve but I endured and have some fresh new labs that are much more simple than the ones posted to the CAB and Smart Client websites!

Our new students are going to love this stuff!

Architecting Connected Systems is UP

Sweet!  A course to call my very own…well…Jacob’s too.  Thanks to everyone that has supported us up to this point!  We are very excited to get our site up, the course material finally built, and delivered!!!  Like I said, we are very very excited!

Currently we are trying to figure out how to move all of our posts on other blog sites over to here, if anything, likely that we will just leave them be and start new ones here.  I think I will post a Smart Client Software Factory lab or two at some point.  We will be creating various extra labs aside from the course labs that we will post for everyone to enjoy…so keep looking for those!

The site is pretty bare at this point, but that will change with time! 😉

Exciting times are coming!