SharePoint Durable Urls Twitter Promotion!

As some of you know, I'm originally from Oklahoma, USA and lived in Seattle for 10 years.  In celebration of the Oklahoma City Thunder making it to the NBA Finals, ACS will be giving away 5 copies of our products for each Thunder Win!  The first 5 copies will be for the SharePoint Durable Urls product:

To enter, you simply need to re-tweet from the above twitter page!

Let's go OKC!

Awesome ACS SharePoint Tools – On Sale Now! SharePoint Filter, SharePoint Designer LockDown and SharePoint Durable Urls

I have been a busy SharePoint programmer as of late and I'm proud to announce that all my work has led to some new and innovative solutions for SharePoint customers!  I'll be promoting these heavily over the next few months as they have been needed for some time now!

Here are the three tools:

You can get all three of them for $3595!!!

Here's what they do and why I built them:

SharePoint Designer LockDown –  customers are fed up with being limited to making users Site Collection admins just so they can use SharePoint Designer.  The other permissions like "Use Remote APIs" is also lacking and turning it off pretty much isn't an option when trying to keep regular non-super users from getting access to Designer (it is free ya know, and it doesn't help they put the link to download it on the ribbon menus).  This tool uses a SharePoint list where you place the domainusername of the person, and the site collection url that they should have access too.  If they aren't in the list, they don't get access!  The tool itself is scoped at a web application level.   Check out the video demo here

SharePoint Durable Urls – This is a feature that is in Oracle Portal and has been lacking in SharePoint for…oh yeah…forever.  This is similar to a type of system, but rather than just providing shorten urls, it provides "durable" urls.  If the item is ever moved, renamed or the main URL of the site is changed.  The durable URL WILL STILL WORK!  Novel right?  And no, this is not the same as the DocumentID feature in SharePoint.  DocIDs in SharePoint are bloated ugly creatures that will kill you in the middle of the night! Check out the video demo here

SharePoint Filter – Needless to say, I'm pretty sure everyone has gotten bitten by legal and HR on those nice "Social" features in SharePoint.  Namely…User Profile properties (like your status message), social tagging and the note board.  I have heard horror stories about mis-behaving employees posting very naughty messages on noteboards and tagging items with inappropriate terms.  SharePoint Filter will prevent this from occurring and it will allow you to clean out anything you might already have in your Farm's social databases!  Check out the video demo here

To see these tools in action via a live demo, send me an email and I'll give you a username and password to hit the site and see how they work!

I will have a referral program where you can earn up to 15% of the sales.  Email me about potential customers and I'll get you tagged to them!  First come first served!