Oracle Portal 10g to SharePoint Migration

Do you have Oracle Portal 10g?  Want to move to SharePoint with full fidelity?  I have scripts that will do exactly that!  This would include:

  • Portal Groups
  • All pages with all "things" (URLs, content, files)
  • Files with versions and comments
  • Workflows
  • Permissions

Contact me at:

I'd be happy to chat with you about moving to SharePoint 2010!

Oh, and here are some interesting facts about Oracle Portal versus SharePoint:

  • Web part zones can have web part zones (these are called regions and subregions in Portal) 
  • Workflows have steps for approvals (whereas SharePoint an approval is just a single step)
  • Groups are global in Oracle Portal (SharePoint groups are limited to site collections)
  • Oracle uses a concept of "things".  Everything is one and everything can have other "things".  This is *super* powerful notion and means that a single page can contain "things", where a thing can be a URL, a file, content, etc.  SharePoint pages can only have web parts on them.
  • Each "thing" on the page can have security for it, SharePoint doesn't let you do this
  • Each "thing" has a version (no matter what it is), SharePoint doesn't have this
  • Each "thing" on a page can have a workflow.  SharePoint workflows are tied to list items, you can't workflow web parts
  • Each "thing" can be optionally HIDDEN.   SharePoint doesn't have a notion of hidden.  The closest you can get is by creating a second list/library and setting permissions.
  • Oracle has a built in notion of shortcut links (a GUID that takes you to the page you want to hit), SharePoint doesn't

So what saves SharePoint at the end of the day?

  • Office Web Apps is the savior, you can't do fancy Office Document manipulation in Oracle
  • Oracle Portal is *much* more expensive than SharePoint